Brand Tasmania


We went into this project thinking we had a comprehensive understanding of the Tasmanian brand. We couldn’t have been more wrong. What we heard, learnt and wrote down has changed us as an agency. It’s been a three-year journey and we’re grateful to have been involved.

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We had to learn from Tasmanians, so a team of four went around the state and spoke to a fantastic mix of Tasmanians and asked them the right questions, not the expected questions.

This is a true place brand – one built with the right balance of visual identity and crafted communication – a balance that underpins our place branding philosophy.

The showcase website is for people looking into the state, giving them a sense of intrigue and some unanswered questions. We want them to scroll and go deeper into this platform for the answers.

Why does quality exist here? It was an ever-present question. We saw it but we needed to find out ‘why?’. Why do we feel like we punch above our weight? And why do people find it so hard here? This work is a strategic engine. It’s differentiated because it’s uniquely us, and no-one else.

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