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For people to aspire to a career in the building and construction industry they need to see beyond any latent perceptions they may hold.

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Be part of building something big may well be an enticing recruiting platform but it’s also a way to give credit to all the hard-working people already in the industry.

The industry has a proud legacy, literally building the foundations of Tasmania, and will continue to shape our society long into the future.

With the help of our client, we chose to bring to life the people that have worked directly on projects we recognise and use every day.

The industry is bigger than many people realise. Our campaign conveyed individual stories across a number of different roles.

We feel privileged to have worked with Keystone Tasmania to change perceptions and showcase the breadth of career opportunities, pathways and personalities within this industry.

Our relationship began with a new name for TBCITB which originated from the stone located at the apex of a masonry arch.

And this name was built from a brand foundation that was informed from a stakeholder audit and interviews from people within the organisation. A true end-to-end process and one that will evolve as we consider more tactical needs within the industry.

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