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Keep on top of COVID

How we've lived with COVID continues to change. It was only in August 2020 that every state border to Tasmania was closed and we were feeling somewhat safe and secure in our ‘island fortress’. But the reality was that we knew we’d soon have to lower the drawbridge. It was the most important time for Tasmanians to stay on-guard: we need to be ready for COVID to enter our state. It wasn’t seen as a case of “if”, but “when”.

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The Director of Public Health, the Premier’s Office, and high-level stakeholders were in our Boardroom wanting immediate help around one of the most urgent and important social marketing challenges Tasmania has ever seen.

The best social marketing campaigns use symbolic visuals and language that can be used as prompts for behaviour and live outside of an ad construct.

The message we put into the hearts and minds of Tasmanians now will protect us into the future.

The not-so-humble pullup banner – seen on the news, every night, constantly reminding us of the incredibly relevant message.

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