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Hobart City Vision

Hobart is not an ordinary city. So we didn’t want our city’s vision to be ordinary either. To make sure this didn’t happen, we needed to listen, and act on what we heard.

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Our approach was a first in Australia: interviews with 214 people who live, work and play in the city that informed the creation of Hobart’s story, which we then used to define our future – our ‘vision’.

We invited people to participate.

And then we took our story into a two-day forum, with multiple stakeholder workshops and a Community Panel of 46 community members and business people.

The result was powerful and inclusive: we created a plan that would guide the city of Hobart into the future.

We could not have completed this intense, iterative body of work without our co-facilitators Gil Sawford, and the late Graham Flower who we miss and learnt so much from.

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