Huon Salmon

Harvested by night, fresher by day

Every seafood brand knows that freshness trumps everything. But many don’t have an ounce of evidence to stack it up. At first we struggled to find a compelling reason to differentiate, until we understood Huon’s harvesting process more deeply.

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Seafood campaigns seem to feature a lot of life jackets, and burly, bearded men holding fish. We knew that we couldn’t – and wouldn’t – do that.

We chose to focus on Huon’s provenance, people and their unique farming method that ensures their salmon gets to market quicker.

We also managed forty influencers across the country as they shared their Huon discoveries and creations with their heavily engaged audiences.

Plus we developed a media partnership with Channel 7’s top-rating Better Homes and Gardens.

Our campaign continued to prove its adaptability, all the way through to aligning with significant sporting events.

A generic, or category campaign line wasn’t enough. We needed to define what is unique about Huon Salmon.

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