Collide Wholefoods

Attention to detail is important us – and it’s important to our client. We created an identity that is felt in every part of the Collide brand. From signage, packaging, their online presence, through to the fit-out of the shop itself, we sweated over every small thing.

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This branding and identity project was made a whole lot simpler because our Managing Director slept with this client. Every night for years and years in fact.

We collaborated with local artist Dane Chisolm to create the vibrant illustration.

We also collaborated with the shop’s architect to make sure everything looked like it belonged.

There had to be a cohesion between the physical environment and the brand ‘experience’ – all the way through to packaging.

Yes, this project might be a little ‘in-house’ (literally), but good work is good work. And we reckon this is good work.

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