Hellyers Road Distillery

Hellyers Road

If you thought a group of dairy farmers establishing a distillery was unexpected, then keep reading. The founders of Betta Milk came to us with their bold plan to make whisky. We made them a brand.

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That brand - Hellyers Road - is today Australia’s biggest selling locally crafted whisky, and its exported to the world.

This is Hellyers Road, the road that leads to the distillery, which in 1827 was carved out of dense bush by Henry Hellyer, using only a bullock gang and the most basic of tools.

We created the logo design, identity, brand positioning, product design, point of sale and print marketing collateral, and a long-form screen piece. But most importantly, we unearthed the brand’s story and all its charm.

Our work for the The Road Annual Release depicts the trees, the wilderness, the smell of the earth, the plants, the air – everything that contributes to the flavour of this special whisky.

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